Frequently Asked Questions

Does the CMAA buy or sell cocoa beans or cocoa products?

No, the CMAA does not buy or sell cocoa beans or cocoa products. The Cocoa Merchants’ Association of America, Inc. (“CMAA”) is the leading merchant association addressing issues including trading, importing and the physical operations of cocoa beans and cocoa products in the United States.
Please contact members directly.

I am looking to get into the market of importing/exporting cocoa beans/products. Where do I start?

We strongly recommend you seek legal and professional advice and obtain a licensed U.S. customs broker for your importation in order to comply with US import laws.

I am new to the cocoa trade and wish to join CMAA.
How can I get sponsors?

From time to time, CMAA hosts non-member events that we encourage you to attend for network opportunities.

What services does the CMAA provide its members?

CMAA offers a range of many member benefits from networking opportunities to educational seminars and access to trade resources including spot prices, rules and regulations, etc. Please see the member benefits listed on the Membership page.